Location intelligence for business enterprises

  • Increasing trend of business communities adopting location technology and predictive analytics into their business models
  • Blending of business data with geographic data through location analytics to reveal the relationship of location to people, events, transactions, facilities and assets
  • Integration of mapping and spatial data analytics by BI and analytics software vendors into their products to provide additional context to visualizations, reports and analysis
  • Discussion on various aspects of location analytics such as data intelligence for improved business performance and enhanced customer experience with location Insights


Guillermo Carlos Martínez Verduzco

Consultant of Spatial Analysis and Remote Perception

Mariana Guzmán Yerena

Geospatial Analytics Manager
Deloitte Asesoría Financiera, S.C.

Miguel Ángel Rojano

Director of Electoral Cartography
National Electoral Institute. Mexico

Gerardo Guizar Iturbide

Doctorante Investigador / PhD researcher

Javier Cuellar

Business Development Manager
Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. ESRI

Octavio del Conde Guadalajara

General Director at Bufete de Soluciones Integrales SC (BSI)