Natural resources/SEAA Framework and Ecosystem Accounting

Sustainable land management
  • landform mapping
  • land resource inventory and mapping
  • spatial modelling for crop suitability and land use planning
  • Land rights for greater prosperity
  • Location surveys and identifying new connectivity works and upgradation of road works
  • Satellite imagery to monitor government development schemes
Water resource management
  • Water reserve mapping
  • Water quality assessment and changes
  • Advanced water treatment systems
Mineral resources
  • Efficient management of all assets spread over vast areas
  • Inspection of mines for scientific and systematic mining; mineral conservation and mine environment
SEEA Framework and Ecosystem Accounting
  • The role of geospatial information in successful implementation of System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) framework of the United Nations
  • Strengthening collaborative mechanisms amongst SEEA stakeholders for effective technology adoption


Francisco Javier Jiménez Nava

Deputy Director General of Natural Resources and Environment, INEGI, Mexico

Fernando Tudela

General Coordinator in Mexico of the project "Natural Capital and Valuation of Ecosystem Services", United Nations Statistics Division

Luis Humberto Araiza López

Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability
Baja California Sur

Miriam Mattos da Silva Barbuda

Deputy Director of Geosciences
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Brazil.

Felicia Line

Consultant for the coordination
monitoring and evaluation of Forests 2020 in Mexico and Colombia

Antonia Macedo Cruz

Research professor
Graduate College (COLPOS)