Next frontier technologies: AI, IOT, Big data analytics, data cube

  • Digital infrastructure and processes at the core of social and economic activities, with the growing shift towards information era
  • Artificial intelligence providing real-time near-human level perception
  • The enablement of smart devices to self-obtain geospatial information from their surroundings and processing it in real time as per job requirement
  • Enhanced geospatial big data analytics shaping newer set of applications, powered by advancements in cloud, data cube, etc


Ivan B. DeLoatch

Executive Director Federal Geographic Data Committee U.S.
Geological Survey U.S. Department of the Interior. USA

Trevor Taylor

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Member Services-Asia & the Americas

Diana Patricia Huerta Gallegos

Head of the Systems and Information Technology Unit of the state of San Luis Potosí.

Francisco Javier Mendieta Jiménez

General Director
Mexican Space Agency (AEM) Mexico

Justino Moreno Mata

Deputy Director of Consulting and Retail

Dean Angelides

Corporate Director International/Alliances/Partners