Welcoming Address

The digital technology and the uber amount of information available nowadays, transforms on daily basis the way we live, work and interact. The digital transformation is increasingly more present in all areas of our lives, and, by making possible for information to be disseminated at such a high speed, confronts us with the challenge of being able to respond at every moment to the question of where things happen.

The "power of where" is now more evident than at any other time in the history of humankind.

Geospatial technology has not kept aside of this evolution, especially in the last decade when these technologies have evolved into satellite networks with scientific, private, national security and public policies applications, powerful Geographic Information Systems, aerial remote sensing platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles, that are also seeing increased non-military. This infrastructure, technologies, data and geospatial tools are increasingly accessible to new audiences and users.

In addition, the convergence of geospatial technologies and other new technologies will allow the development of applications with the potential to revolutionize the productivity and efficiency of different industries, will boost trade and investment, as well as expand the productivity frontier, which will lead to greater economic growth, an improvements in people's quality of life and a broader social wellbeing.

I am very glad that the Latin American Geospatial Forum evolved this year into the Americas Geospatial Forum, congregating experts from North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean around the central theme in this event: “powering the future digitally”. The participation of experts from new latitudes expands the opportunities of previous editions of connecting with different stakeholders of the geospatial community, bringing together experts from the public and private sectors at the continental level thus fostering further cooperation.

It is INEGI’s honor to be part of this community of experts and, once again, host this event that will be a worldwide turning point, where new trends, ideas and innovations we will be discussed allowing our community to continue moving forward, achieving that the geospatial information continues permeating the different levels of our society: academic, political, social, private and international, allowing us to give better answers to the increasingly complex questions we are asked.

On behalf of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI), Geospatial Media and Communications and my own, I cordially welcome you to Mexico City and to the Americas Geospatial Forum 2019.

Julio A. Santaella
President of INEGI