Natural resources/SEAA Framework and Ecosystem Accounting

Sustainable land management
  • landform mapping
  • land resource inventory and mapping
  • spatial modelling for crop suitability and land use planning
  • Land rights for greater prosperity
  • Location surveys and identifying new connectivity works and upgradation of road works
  • Satellite imagery to monitor government development schemes
Water resource management
  • Water reserve mapping
  • Water quality assessment and changes
  • Advanced water treatment systems
Mineral resources
  • Efficient management of all assets spread over vast areas
  • Inspection of mines for scientific and systematic mining; mineral conservation and mine environment
SEEA Framework and Ecosystem Accounting
  • The role of geospatial information in successful implementation of System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) framework of the United Nations
  • Strengthening collaborative mechanisms amongst SEEA stakeholders for effective technology adoption