Geospatial Empowering Billions
  • Geospatial empowerment to IT-enabled services and optimizing engineering workflows and business processes
  • Newer business models fostering greater ubiquity of geospatial information
  • Greater ubiquity of geospatial information taking its benefits from select few to all sections of society to improve quality of their lives
Digital Transformation Through Geospatial Innovation
  • Location and geospatial technologies at the heart of digital transformation and core of all development activities
  • The current pace of Digital transformation to foster unprecedented innovation with the advent of fourth revolution
  • Geospatial technology driving the much needed digital transformation for the Americas to realise their growth and development plans
Geospatial Technology as a mechanism for SDGs success
  • Leveraging geospatial data for policy making, programming and project operations to realize the SDGs and its associated targets.
  • Geospatial technologies and services, strengthening data production and the use of better data in policymaking and monitoring, becoming increasingly recognized as fundamental means for global development
  • Innovations in technologies such as UAVs, sensors, satellites, big data, etc. in enabling the use of geospatial towards achieving the agenda and measuring, monitoring and reporting the progress